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INSTA-FLEX has scammed me for $154.95. I NEVER called them to order anything. Yet when I called them they told me I had. A bottle of 42 pills and a bottle of 90 pills were sent to me unauthorized. I asked on that call if they thought I was STUPID enough to pay that price for a bottle of vitamins in a drugstore...
NO ANSWER... They told me also that another bottle of 90 pills was on the way which I never received yet they took another $74.98 from my checking acct. My bank was notified by me and I was given a credit for that amt. These bottles were not packaged so how I got them is still a mystery to me. Can your organization help me???


C. J. Pendergast

You can do this yourself. Call them and tell them you did NOT order anything and the charges are unauthorized and your bank will be doing chargebacks. Return any shipments to sender marked REFUSED...NOT ORDERED. Do NOT open the package.

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