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just yesterday i realized that some had gotten access to my credit card. - or should i say my husband's. this is a credit card that we always kept for emergencies. As it appears someone who we believe was a guest at our new year's party walked out with it and spend 5000 in one month! i called the credit card company - it has been cancelled. but i am not sure what to expect from here on. just the thought of a family member/friend did this is heartbreaking -

any comments?

Hi whodidit

Yes it is a possibility that someone attended your new year's party is the culprit! In most of the cases it is seen that a person who is a trusted member of the family or is a very close friend turns out to be the culprit. It is really very my opinion in future you should remain more careful with your credit not let it go out of your sight.

Do not worry a lot....sometimes bad things happen to good people

take care n best of luck

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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it is always heartbreaking to suspect someone you may know...(as beautiful goodnelly says..most identity fraud is with someone you do actually know..)
however internet fraud thieves etc and any transaction you make these days..means that someone else ..often millions of people out there..have some sort of access to your card.....( take a lesson from the "Saprano's" fictional series.. if anyone here is a fan...these thieves can scan your card and hook up fraudulent charges anywhere they want to be)...yet..if the product wasn't delivered to you or you never will not eventually have to pay! (The somewhat miracle of paying with a credit card) prove you didn't make transaction and you do not owe this money...And keep all your records for at least ten years case years later some scum bucket collector tries to say you owe something you don't!( and never did)

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socksfullofrocks socksfullofrocks

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Sorry to hear that, 'Who Did It'. Must be an awful feeling. Did you explain, to the credit card comapny, your card was stolen? Good thing you cancelled it. Are they doing an investigation on it? If so, please keep me updated.

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