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There is a scam going on now,maybe you are aware of it,but I didn't even think about it. It goes like this-You are looking for a job on the computer and go to apply online on an employment application. They are saying alot of these are bogus companies,and you have just give them 2 of the 4 things they need for identity theft,your name,address, date of birth and ss number.Now I knew not to give ss number,etc.,but didn't think about birthdate. Just be sure that when you fill out a job application that you know this is a reputable business,if possible,check them out before you give out any info....Karen

Quite true!! It is very important to check the origin of the company before giving out the personal information. Check the SSL certificate of the website with the lock symbol at the status bar, like we see in the bank's website or yahoo or gmail website. You can't trust any company to whom your information is given, anyone can turn out to be a scam if our fate turned bad. But, for the mental peace of mind, do everything to know about the nature of the business, make contacts with people in person rather than sending information online. You need to have a backlog in case any disputes arise later.

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BuildingWealth BuildingWealth

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Thanks for the alert Karen. Can you post some more information on this topic? I don????????t have much info on this. Where did you find it first?

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stanley stanley

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I guess to err on the side of caution I would always send my resume to a company, and wait for an interview before I fill out an application.

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polly polly

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Thanks,all. Stanley,I heard it on the news.Thiis one guy was unemployed,went on the web and started filling out apps and sent them to some companies. He later found out that his identity had been stolen. He,of course,had put his birthdate,name,adddress and phone,and I believe his SS number on the job app. So I guess the moral is,If you find a job on the web and you aren't familiar with the company,check it out,or do the app in person to make sure it's legit.I was aware of giving out other ifo,but for some reason I guess I never thought that have my birthdate info,could be dangerous..Karen

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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Thanks for the info Karen. We should be more careful while disclosing our personal info online, we should check the security level of the site too.

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stanley stanley

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