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What to do if a document states that my friend has taken out a loan from Speedy Cash, but actually she hasn’t?

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My friend, Alisha, has received a document which states that she has taken out a loan from Speedy Cash, whereas actually she hasn’t. She hasn’t even applied for a loan from Speedy Cash. Can anyone please tell me what should she do now? I am wondering from where have they got her personal details

Hi Olivia,

If your friend is sure that she hasn’t taken out loan from Speedy Cash, then tell her to immediately talk to the company and solve the matter soon. Otherwise, it’ll damage her finances.

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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This is a scam! Contact the speedy cash fraud department and make a complaint.

Phone no. 1-877-336-9392

Identity thieves use many methods to steal your data. So, it’s advisable to not provide zip code, email address, phone number or other personal data over phone or email

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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