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constant harassing calls from Macy's after I got a credit card, there is never an answer to my hello. When I call back it is Macy's/Bloomingdale's, I do not have a balance. I ended up closing my account because they kept waking me up in the am when I have been sick. Repeated pleas to them to stop calling do nothing. I cannot block their number. I called Macy's corporate 888-622-9793 they say it's a 'courtesy call' but they are harassing their customers. They are also using 513-573-8031, 513-573-8717, 513-754-9863, 727-556-5772. How can I stop then tying up my cell? I have no block option on my sad little Virginmobile phone and they have no ability to block numbers, just texts...again, they even say I have no balance, and cannot explain why I am being called over and over from different numbers when I do not, and have never had a debt...Is it a phishing scam do you think? The same non-english sounding people answer the phone when I call back and will not give any info or transfer me until I give them an account number

It is a scam. Talk with the customer care officer of the virgin mobile. You may get some advice.

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They are scammers. Just file a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC.

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