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I recently filled ch 13 1 year ago on some interne

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I recently filled ch 13 1 year ago on some internet payday loan and have been receiving phone calls from foriegn speaking male with over a dozen phone number from all over the state as for as New York and I live in Mississippi. They have me 5-10 times a day from different numbers and names saying they are from the investigation or legal dept, they have began to call my job and they won't stop. I told them once that I filed bankrupcy on those checks and they call with a different company name that ikm not aware of. I ask for proof but they say they can't mail me anything and one even told me he would show me proof outside courthouse. I know these are scams, how can I stop the calls? I have over 20 numbers some are 10 digiits and some range from 2-5 digits, I have threaten to call police but the calls keep coming, they have even threaten to pick me up at my job. Please help! They have my social security number and email address

They are in voliation of your bankruptcy stay. What companies are calling you?? Have you told your attorney??

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This sounds more like the scam that has been going on for years. If there is away to stop the calls, I sure would like to know as well. I have bee ngetting calls every few months for the past years now. Regardless of the time of call, the message is exactly the same wording, just a different call back number is given. If I counted, I would say I would be arrested about 25 times. If I paid the amount asked for each time, I woudl have paid over $35,000. I know it is a scam since no information can be given about the payday loan company I borrowed from, the orginal amonut of the loan, nor the date of the loan.

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At any time, you can require a debt collector to cease any and all communications with you simply by sending them a cease communication letter under the provisions of FDCPA 805(c). Send it CMRRR. After date of receipt of that letter, it is illegal for them to intiate any further communications with you.

On the dispute side, if the debt was discharged in BK, there is no debt for which they can legally conduct collection activities. Accordingly, they cant be acting as a collection agent for any creditor. Their actions appear blatantly illegal.
You might want to consider civil action against them.

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It will probably be hard to sue an illegal lender...

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