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idenity theft leads to account opened and now being sued

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My purse was stolen with my checkbook, license, s.s card and debit card. The person who stole it opened an account with Best Buy and put charges on it for over $3000. I was contacted a couple of months ago by CACH,LLC about paying this debt. I told them it was theft idenity and faxed them the police report and a affidavit stating this twice by fax. They said they were going to send me to jail and that I was lying and they don't believe me. They even told me that the account was opened before the theft. I checked and it was opened a couple of days after the theft. I was served by a policeman today telling me I was being sued for the debt and I signed a agreement saying that I would pay for their attorney fees. My husband is a college student and I only work part time and now I have to take off work to go back and answer to the suit within 20 days. What can I do? Any advice? I was a victim once and now again!

I am soooo sorry this happened to you. If this were me I would probably contact a lawyer. They usually do not charge if you talk to them over the phone. Then I would contact best buy and let them know that this is the first you have heard about this account and tell them that you have a police report and everything from this. Plus I am thinking that if you answer and tell them that you have proof that it was ID theft it may be dropped (at least that is what I would do if I were the judge :wink: ) I know there are some people here that have delt with cach and they will be along to help you through this. So stay calm and you will get through this.

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puddlejmpr puddlejmpr
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Take all of this evidence along with you to court. More than likely they can't win. Don't mention the fact that they said that they would send you to jail, or you might not be able to use this later if you should sue them for this violation.

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Law Student Law Student

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did you ask for debt validation and contact your state attorney general and the FTC? If this is fraud I know how you must feel at this point as if you have been raped and are wondering how a company can treat you this way and stay in business?!!!..there are many people here to advise you what to the meantime document every dealing you have had with this company up to this point..god luck!

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