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Is the card holder required to pay if he/she has been a victim of identity fraud?

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If a person becomes a victim of identity theft, is he/she responsible to repay the outstanding balance? I hope not.

When you become a victim of identity theft, immediately you need to put a fraud alert on your credit reports. You can put an initial alert and an extended alert on your credit reports. An extended alert stays for about 7 years. You can also put a credit freeze so that no one can open an account in your name.
Check your credit reports and dispute any incorrect information. However, you're liable to pay any outstanding balance before your identity was stolen.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Yes, the identity theft victim is liable for the unpaid balance.

However, you should request one of the 3 major credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert on your credit report.

The contact numbers are as follows:

Equifax, (800) 525-6285
Experian, (888) 397-3742
TransUnion, (800) 680-7289

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