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What can you do to make sure that you are giving your information, t the correct person, and if they are from the Vital Recovery, because there number is repeated in the caller ID and the name of the company is not showing. Reason for being so skeptical, is because I have got so many calls from Jamayka, trying to get money, from me and others take gave me a number and then the number was discontinued. Just scarred because we are not talking about my debt, but my mothers.

to the wrong person on the phone.

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The best way to know if the company legit is to ask for a number and call the number back. If the number is disconnected or doesn't go to the right company, then you know that it's a scam.

You can also search for the number displayed on the caller ID on an online search engine to check the validity of the number.

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give them your moms number and tell them to get lost.

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