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They did a piece on the local news the other night on the safety of cell phone info. It seem that when you turn in your old phone,donate it ,etc.,you think you have erased all the info.So these news people bought "old" cell phones from around the states to see if everything really was erased,seems it isn't. It's like your computer hard drive,I guess.They were able to pull up all sorts of stuff on these various phones. Their suggestion was to take it to your local authorized cell phone place and have them erase it all. I know about a month ago I had to get what I thought was a new phone-when I got home,I found all sorts of info on someone named Susan! So I went back,and made them erase her info,and make sure mine waws deleted. Maybe you alsready knew this,but thought I'd pass it on :D ...Karen

Also, I have heard cell phone conversations across police, fire and ambulance scanners. I guess it is the frequency thing when this happens.

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Good piece of alert, Karen and Tammy! I think if the information is removed from the card memory, some info still stays in the phone memory and can be technically retrieved. I used to keep my passwords of the card accounts in my cell phone but later realized this one not to be the good way of storing personal information. The cell phone can get stolen anytime or there can be a technical problem. I will not be able to retrieve the data, hence giving the person at the shop to collect my personal information.

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