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About the scam: Consumers get a call or an e-mail claiming to be from a government agency, such as the IRS , the Social Security Administration or any other kind of government agency. The consumers are asked to provide their personal information like their social security number, bank account number, or other sensitive details to process a rebate check. The e-mails will often include a link, if the consumer clicks on the link he will be directed to an official-looking – but actually phony website that is simply phishing for the consumer’s personal and sensitive information. Or, it might also happen that the link directs the consumer to a legitimate site but install spyware or some other form of malware on the way.

The don'ts:
It is advisable not to give any kind of sensitive information over the phone or email. If you get a suspicious email, delete it immediately. Don't click on any links either, for they might take you to a phishing site or install spyware on your computer. Keep in mind that most of the government agencies don't collect information by phone or email.

Will be posting about some other scams very soon.


nelly,here is a government you say do not open these e-mails.forward to [email][/email].
also send any phone #'s that come up on caller id.
great post nellie. :D 8)

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Here is another scam known as - Cheap Electronics Scam

The Scam: There are many phony shopping websites that appear legit. These sites sell electronic products at extremely low prices. Though these sites are fake, yet they are so well designed and maintained that any tech savvy consumer can get trapped. They have a $500 minimum purchase requirement, and may ask you to pay via Western Union money order that needs to be mailed to a foreign address.

The Signs of Scam: Consider things like a foreign address, a $500 minimum purchase, or the lack of a secure payment transaction form as red flags. A site may appear legitimate, but it is your responsibility to check out the validity of the website.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Another type of scam is a

Fake electronic scam:The scammer in this case publishes a news paper ad, with a link to their website.They offer such less price on the electronics that it seem unbelievable for anybody .Though it made a good advantage for the scammers but has been a concern for the police.

What do you say?

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good nelly you are wonderful! keep posting those red flags girl!!!!!!

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