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Hello, I am here usually for the payday loan group where many wonderful people have helped me in many ways. Now I am trying to help someone :) My friend (who does not have internet) had his identity stolen. He tried to sign up for cable and they said he owed $571.66 from an address he never lived in. Sadly, we know the person who did live there. We are still trying to figure out how this happened - why didn't they check the lease or at least a photo ID? To make it worse, my friend was homeless at the time and was staying in motels so has no proof of address. He was def. not living there. The person who did this is in jail for other charges.
My friend is back on his feet now.. he works, found a new apartment, etc. He even now has money for extras, such as cable and found this out. He is worried about how this would affect his credit. He does not have any support from family and asked for my help. I was hoping someone here might be able to help him? I know I sure get a lot of support here. Thanks.

if it had happened long back then reporting it to the policy isn't an option available to your friend. He can put an alert on his report as the thief can cause severe damage to his credit and it may take long to repair the damages done.

Another option can be to throw away all the existing credit cards, passwords and PINs and if possible close the accounts too.

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THanks for the response, he did change accounts and everything.. I just feel bad for him because he finally got his life on track and this happens.. it actually isn't old though. The cable was cut off on Jan. 8, 2008.

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Cable told him a lease was presented, he asked if they had a copy (since it is kinda dubious since a girl's name only was on the real lease) and they said they sent a research request..

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He would need to file a police report, and show this to the cable company. It doesn't matter when it happened when you file the report. The only thing that it would matter with is prosecution if it's past the SOL.

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Make sure he gets a copy of his 3 credit reports to see if anything else is on there

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Thanks for the great info - I was going to call him tonight to make sure he did this stuff.. thanks again, you guys are really great!

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