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Cashier used my credit card at her store...

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Well I find this to be just plain stupid, but I guess it just goes to show this sort of fraud stuff can happen to anyone...

I was at a gas station last week and used my card twice. First at the gas pump, then I went inside and bought a couple cartons of cigarettes. The cashier rang up my sale, swiped my card, and then mumbled something about the computer acting up. Then she put some receipt paper over my card and rubbed over it with a pen (to get an imprint, like how they used to do a long time ago).

I didn't think much of it at the time, just thought she was doing it to evidence the sale since her "computer was acting up." She gave me a receipt and I left.

I logged onto my credit cards' website yesterday to check my balance, and I seen a 3rd charge from that same gas station to the tune of $40.21. I called my credit card to report it and the rep said it showed a status of "card not present at time of sale" while the other two I did charge showed that the card was swiped.

Which means somebody typed my numbers by hand into the computer -- and who had just taken a copy of my card ??? Seems very uncanny to me that it could just be a computer error. I'm thinking the cashier used my card to by herself something (or account for some money taken out of the register).

Well the credit card immediately reversed the charge and took it off my account. I'm going to go talk to a manager at the gas station tomorrow and ask them for an explanation/investigation. If they don't give me a good reason, I guess then I'll also be filing a police report.

Yikes! Be sure to keep us updated on this.

My parents had their card numbers stolen by a desk clerk at a hotel resort they were staying at. The person ordered almost $5000 worth of tvs and electronic goods from a Best Buy store online. Luckily, their CC company noticed that was "odd" buying behaviour for my folks, and rejected the transactions.

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Amaranth Amaranth

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The sad story to this is that alot of people don't realize their card #s have been stolen until the Thieves have taken them and the CCC for big bucks. Amaranth, your parents were lucky that the CCC was on top of the situation.

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OMG! :shock:

DebtCruncher - just goes to show you can't trust much of anyone these days when it comes to your credit card number.

Things like this just make me all the more resolved to not use credit cards. I have a pre-paid debit card that I use for EVERYTHING, and the most that's ever on there is the amount of my paycheck (not a huge amount by any means), and that's almost always gone within 24-48 hours of receiving it. It's not connected to any bank account, so if anyone stole the number, they wouldn't get much!

The only hitch to using a prepaid debit card is that I've noticed many gas stations pre-authorize for up to $55 when you swipe at the gas pump, regardless of how much gas you get. Then you have to wait for up to 10 days for the excess amount to be released back to your card. (That's easily remedied, though - I just don't swipe!)

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Always color in any blank areas that appear on a charge receipt.

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