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Kevin Trudeau book sells tied to Best Kept Secrets scam?

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I, too, received a form letter from "Kate" stating that I was chosen because I'm so incredibly "special" "gifted" "spiritual" etc., they wish me to join their secret organization. This so-called secret organization is supposedly the holder of "Best Kept Secrets" and they wish to send it to consumers absolutely "FREE." They claim that movie stars, government officials and the like are already secret members.

More importantly, I noticed that I received this form letter a week or so after I received the book I ordered for $19.00 plus shipping--authored by Kevin Trudeau titled "debt cures" published by Equity Press, copyright 2008. It's quite clear that the form letter in wide circulation is somehow tied to it since it arrived literally a few days following shipment of the "Debt Cures" book--they had my address! They probably sold my address to these con artists.

Do NOT give any information about yourselves to scam artists. Send these fake form letters to the State Attorney General's office.

Buyers Beware!

Signed: Not So Easily Scammed

How is that book? Is t worth buying?


Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 12/18/2008 - 10:01

spud321 spud321

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LOL...That was fast and simple! I kinda wondered about him when he had a Play Mate on his info-mercial!


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spud321 spud321

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Yeah i just got that letter in the mail. I got to say it was pretty good, but im flat broke so it he wasn't getting me! lol.

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This is the exact reason I advised people not to order this book in the other thread- and then of course, I got called out as unfairly passing judgement on poor Kevin Trudeau and his mad book-writin' skillz :roll:

Thanks, Guest, for the heads up to everyone!

Sub: #5 posted on Thu, 02/26/2009 - 17:34

Amaranth Amaranth

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Kevin Trudeau... That name sounds familiar. Is he the guy that does the weight loss and the natural cure stuff?

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regbyandjulie regbyandjulie

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i got the letter today and thought some cult was trying to induct me!

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I got the letter today and I must say, it is very well written....but i noticed a flaw in its writing that gave the whole thing away. In the letter, the writer signed a name "JOHN" at the end. But in the midst of the story the letter was explaining, the authour's name is revealed as "KEVIN"

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I got that same letter signed John . It seemed very fishy to me . So I looked the name of the book ,"Greatest Kept Secrets" up under Kevin Trudeau. However that book doesn't exist. But the links that popped up was "Scam". Note: To All if it doesn't sit right with you . Always go with your first mind! Look it up on the internet all the information u need is there to help you.

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I just received this letter today, sent from "John" (people on other sites have said the name says "John Finn"... I guess they decided to drop the Finn from the name). Funny thing is, on page 3 where he is describing meeting the "mystery man" for the for time, he writes:

He looked directly into my eyes and said, "Kevin, I know you're a special person."

Looks like "John" forgot to insert his name here in place of "Kevin"! On other sites people have made connections with this letter, the author of the poker book (Frank R. Wallace, pen name of Wallace Ward) and Kevin Trudeau, the author of "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About". Apparently, Kevin sells his list of clients to "John". I have never bought anything from Kevin Trudeau but I did read that worthless book. They must have got my name from somewhere else. I also noted that the letter came from ZIP Code 75238 (Dallas, TX), had a fax number with a 716 area code (Buffalo, NY), and then the address to sent the "Invitation Request" to was in Dover, DE.

It is probably not connected, but last week I received a letter with a check for almost $2400 and instructions to send $1950 of it to someone and I could keep $300 for myself. This letter came from Canada. I checked the Hawaiian banks routing numbers with the FDIC and they do not exist.

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