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I'm hoping you can all help me. I recently had my purse stolen and of course, all cards were in it. I also had blank checks inside. I haven't seen any unauthorized activity on the account, but as I was reading thru other threads here, I noticed many have been ripped off for around $50 from someone not authorized to do so. To complicate matters I have several stupid payday loans. If I close my account I may be prosecuted under Texas laws for failing to pay these places.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I received some good advice on the pdl forum, but wanted to get advice on this as well.

Hmmm. Are you going to have to default on any of the pdls? I was just thinking that if you aren't going to default then letting them know what happened and that you plan to close the account and reopen a new one might be one solution. This way they don't think that you are trying to evade them. Did you file a police report about your purse being stolen? If so then you do have documentation and a very justifiable reason to close your account. I can't imagine that you would be prosecuted for trying to protect your identity...I'm no expert at this so hopefully someone will be along shortly who will be able to provide more input. :-)

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eleroo eleroo

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hi........ eleroo has given a good piece of advice. another thing which you can do is inform the bank about what happened, as i am sure you have already done. ask them to inform you of any transactions and let them take down information on anyone unknown who may come over for any sort of transaction in your account. i dont know whether this can be worked out or not, but just thought of suggesting.

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