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How to stop a garnishment that was result of identity theft

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I really ned help here I am the victim of identity theft, I joined the Fnited States Marine Corps in 1997 when I waa 17 years old. When I left home I didnt have any accounts or even a license in my name. I returned home 4 years later I got my own place and tried to get elctricity in my name and was told I had an outstanding balance that must be paid. This was the first of many fradulent accounts, someone got phone services, cable services, a checking account and even got tickets in my name while I was away. They got ahold to my info b/c my mom moved while I was gone and left out birth certificates and SS cards in the house by mistake in a little box she kept hidden away. Well my license that I never obtained was suspended and I owed almost everyone. Well I went straight to work I placed a fraud alert on my credit report, filed police reports, went to court to get my license back once I proved to the judge I wasnt even in the state those cases where therew out. But for some reason two companies refused to budge.Both companies had sold my debt to a company called CFC Financial I contacted this collection agency and provided them with proof that I wasnt even in the state and I even gave them copies of all police reports. That was in 2002 in 2004 I recieved a letter from a company called Asset Acceptance . They stated they where collecting on the debt from the phone company. I explained everything to them and went over the whole story. I asked for their fraud separtment but they told me I would have to just see them in court for the debt. This debt is a phone bill that soemeone obtained in 1998 the bill is a total of $2,154 now how can a phone bill be that much I dont know. I asked for proof of the original debt but I was never sent anything. In October of 2005 the company garnished my wages, they obtained roughly $900 before the garnishment ran out. I sent a letter to the court objecting to the garnishment and was told I could not object on those grounds they said it was not their job to determine the validity of the debt just to enforce it. They advised me to get a lawyer. NOw I am a single mother of two and I cant afford a lawyer just to get rid of a debt. I contacted Our local Legal Aid and was given the run around no one would call me back so eventually I said foret it. The garnishment had stopped so I decided to try again with the company. I contacted thema nd they told me to set payment arragements other than that they knew I owed the money. Now a year later they are garnishing my wages for the rest of the money. Come to find out CFC Financial and Asset Acceptance is the same comapny I found that out placing a complaint on Now I have debts of my own that I am struggling to pay. I am not a saint and my credit is not A-1 but I dont want to pay a $200 phone bill that I dont owe. And isnt there some type of time limit this debt iss 8 years old. Isnt there some type of statue of limitations on it ??? Why wasnt I notified to come to court during the judgement so I could have proved the validity of this debt? Is there anything that can be done now without an expensive lawyer. This garnishment is 25% of my wages. With 2 kids that I am taking care of alone , and my own debts I am drwoning. Someone help !!!!

Hi Swift, This site will help as much as possible. There is a lot of good information in here.
Now as for the garnishment, yeah that's going to be tough to beat. If you had gone to court with all of the information to prove that your identity was stolen when the collection agency was attempting to get the judgment, you probably would have prevailed. But as far as the courts are concerned, you didnt show up and the judgment is good and the debt valid in their eyes. The collection agency probably doesn't care that your identity was stolen and that the debt owed to them is not theirs. As far as they are concerned, they're getting paid which is all they want. You really only have two choices that I can see and I hope someone out there see's more. Deal with the collection agency and try to get them to see that the original debt is not yours and you are the victim of identity theft. OR, you will have to get a lawywer. NACA web site is a good referral for people who can't afford a lawyer and need one. Also, some or all states will also have some kind of legal help for low income people. As for any new debts or collections, read through a lot of these posts to get ideas on how to handle them. Plus, someone from this site should call you as well or you can call them for help.
Good luck and we are all here in the same boat and will help in anyway we can.

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outlaw8117 outlaw8117

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Aswift, That's terrible what has happened to you! What I don't understand is how they could have gotten the judgment against you and you weren't even notified of a court date. The court is aware of this? Have you tried talking to the court clerk about this?

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dbaker6 dbaker6

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I am not sure how the judgement was gotten. I assume there was some kind of court date I was never notified of. I wasnt served a writ of garnishment from the company either, the onlyw ay I even knew I was being garnished was because my employer sent me a copy of the garnishment letting me know when it was to begin. I have cobntacted the legal aid here for low income as I stated but they gave me the run around. No one responded to my messages and most of the time the hold times to get through was 30 minutes or longer. I would love to prove that this debt isnt mine but I dont know how..

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aswift aswift

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No I havent talked tot he court clerk I didnt know that was an option. Do I just call the court how do I obtain that information

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aswift aswift

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Where do you live? What state and county?

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outlaw8117 outlaw8117

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Detroit, Michigan Wayne County

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aswift aswift

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here are some resources in Michigan. These are lawyers who work with lower income people. Many lawyers offer free initial consultations or may work on a pro bono basis, meaning they get paid if they win money. These lawyers specialize in dealing with collections and the fdcpa. Or you can get some referrals.
The attorney general's office should be of some help too. I listed the consumer affairs number on dealing with collections.

Legal Aid Defender Assoc.

Kurt O'Keefe
(313) 962-4630

Christopher Winkler
Consumer Legal Services
(734) 261-4700
Garden City

Referrals State Bar of Michigan 306 Townsend St
Lawyer Referral Service Lansing MI 48933
800-968-0738 (toll-free MI Only)

Creditor Collection Practices Office of the Attorney General PO Box 30213
Consumer Protection Division Lansing MI 48909
877-765-8388 (toll free in MI)

Third Party collection agencies Dept of Labor & Economic Growth PO Box 30018
Bureau of Commercial Services Lansing MI 48909
Commercial Enforcement Division 517-241-9202

Start reading the Michigan collection protection act 445.251 and the consumer protection act 445.901. They will give you insight into what collection agencies can and can not do.
Good luck and let us know if there is anything else we can do to help

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outlaw8117 outlaw8117

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I just wanted everyone to know I filed an objection to the garnishment.Went to court and also filed a complaint with the Attorney General once I got a court date I provided my proof that I wasnt there. My judgement was dismissed without prejudice and my garnishment was immediatley released..

Thanks for all the help I have gotten on this site it helped me get through a really tough time. Now I feel as if I can deal with anything else that comes up as a result of this Identity theft.

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That's wonderful. Make sure that your credit report is not showing any negative remark about this judgment. You should receive a free updated copy from the credit bureaus.

Sub: #9 posted on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 13:43

mcranberra mcranberra

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That's great news!

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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