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FIA bank of Hawaii- unemployed 15 months but I was never late 30 days, only late two times in 15 months of hardship by few days. They raise their interest rate to 29%. Called the workout specialist and they use my monthly FIA payment of $570 and I am negative around $200. Solution is simple just reduce interest or payment around $200 and wa la ... I can meet my budget but no they can't help me. They said to call consumer credit counseling. I've already negotiated with all my other lenders/ credit cards and reduced my monthly payments. Why should I go to the credit counseling and lump into one just because of one account? How can I have them negotiate with me. Do I need to show them surplus? By how much more? I will babysit or something. What kind of numbers are they looking for? Our income is $6600 and budget $ 6800. help?

Not all the creditors agree to reduce the payments. You may attend a free counseling session with a credit counselor. The counselor can give you good budgeting tips and money management strategies. You can also work online and extra $200 dollars.

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Yes, a credit counselor will surely give you budgeting tips, but these tips will really be of help when the counselor has a clear picture in front of him. You'll need to show him through your actual financial situation and the challenges that lie ahead.

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