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A couple of years back I brought a powered car for my daughter for Christmas, a month later my credit card information was used to purchase memberships to pornographic websites. After that there's been similar incidents but not to the magnitude of using my credit card, every now and again I'll get a phone call from a company I've never dealt with threatening to serve me, arrest me, or garnish wages. I've never heard of these companies. I'll call them and get no answer, an answering machine, or a live person that hangs up on me when I ask what the name of the company is.

How can I get stuff like this to stop happening?

I am assuming you disputed these charges with your bank.

Hang up on them. They cannot do anything.

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There's no way to get them to stop? I don't owe them anything, never heard of these companies. One company left a message saying they wer going to hold me hostage & he was from the department of full and investigations. I don't even know how they got my number, I do shop online often, that's it. Oh! & the deparment of defense's training institute was hacked that has our SSN's other than that nothing, no loans and pay day loans are illegal in my state.

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You can file a police report using the number they're calling you from.

Other than that there's really not much you can do. Most of these operations are offshore, not subject to our laws, etc. So, not answering and or hangin up right away is really your best defense. They'll tire of not being able to argue with anyone eventually.

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FCRA 609(e) provides you the right to obtain discovery of supporting information from any creditor who has provided credit that you assert was not authorized by you, and thus due to probable identity theft.

If you send them proof of your identity in the form of a government ID along with an idenity theft (police) report and an affidavit asserting that you ever authorized the account or any transactions made therunder, the burden is then upon the creditor to send you a copy of any application and business transactions related to any item alleged to be the result of identity theft. You dont have to prove a negative, they have to prove a postive. Section 609(e) compels their response within 30-days.

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Although the information you posted is accurate, I don't see how it's relevant to the original question. The OP is asking how to get these people to stop calling her. If they're calling and threatening arrest, service, etc., they're 99.9999999% likely to be calling from offshore. Our laws and processes don't make a bit of difference to them and filing complaints, trying to enforce our laws and/or arguing with them or letting them get to you only encourages them to continue trying.

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you can also file a complaint with FBI and keep the PDF file of your case. These crooks must be stopped

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