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A Postal Insp. asked me to come into her office to chat about I.D. theft which I did because I thought it was about my I.D. theft problem I had a couple of years ago.

To my TOTAL shock....

Here's what they said:

1. That they had a stack of credit card applications in different names going to an address (an apt. complex) where I lived 1 1/2 years ago.

2. That they could trace the applications to my home computer.

3. That they were all in the names of students where I work (but none were my students save one four years ago)

4. They asked me to explain, confess, come clean, that they would "work with me," etc.

I DID receive mail that wasn't addressed to me several times (not to any of my students or that would have freaked me out) and sent it back or tore and threw the rest away.

I asked that my mailbox lock be changed. It was and the mail stopped.

Most importantly...teachers don't have access to ANY personal information on students! We can access their name, address, emergency contact number and demographics...along with test scores and the like. Student's aren't are NEVER asked to give out their SS#. The county issues them Student I.D. #s. I told them this repeatedly and asked them to check it out if they wanted to...even to verify that these kids were not my students.

When I couldn't explain but told them all of the above, they said "well, these went to YOUR address and from your home computer and were students at your school!"

I asked if I was being accused and she didn't answer, she just repeated the same thing and asked me to explain. When I couldn't, she said it was "suspicious." And THAT word freaked me out so, I asked to speak to an attorney and they let me walk out, very nicely and told me to come back with my atty. when I wanted to and chat with them again. They didn't show me any of the applications, didn't say if any cc were issued or used, shoped with...nothing!

Obviously, I've hired an attorney who faxed off a letter immediately (teacher for 12 years, impeccable record, where's the evidence, etc. and asked them to have no further contact with me. Only through him.)

He assured me they were just responding to a "red flag" from a credit card company and were probably just fishing - nothing more. However, teaching is my life. My passion. Furthermore, students live were I lived so do other teachers. Even my maintenance man's son (who I like very much and I'm not accusing) lives there and goes to that school.

Question is...HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED W/O MY KNOWLEDGE? Why did these cc companies respond to so many applications to the same address? Why wouldn't they call me to confirm information? Send me a letter asking if these individuals lived there? And had applied for credit? I'm COMPLETELY baffled and I'm scared. A "shadow" of suspicion in my line of work is akin to a death knell! I haven't stopped crying for three days!

Anyone have any advice? Has gone through anything similar? Have any expertise on how i.d. thieves can do this and someone else gets blamed? PLEASE HELP!!!

That is very scary! I will bump this up in hopes of someone else coming along who can help!

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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Thank you so much, Frogpatch!!!!

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It all sounds very fishy to me, I'm glad you obtained an attorney though. I've never had anything of this nature happen to me, nor do I know anyone who has. I'm surprised the postal service used this method to question you, and under who's authority did this postal inspector question you in this manner. Sounds almost like they have been watching too much CSI. Then again, I have no clue what the protocol is, I would be finding out though for future reference.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Hi Shazzers,

Well, they are an arm of law enforcement. However, I felt they wanted me to explain something they couldn't explain either! I'm heartsick...

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Hi Shazzers,
Well, they are an arm of law enforcement. However, I felt they wanted me to explain something they couldn't explain either! I'm heartsick...

I can't even imagine how you feel, it's really too bad you're being accused of something you have absolutely nothing to do with, simply because of an address. I hope your attorney can and will get to the bottom of this.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Hopefully your attonrney can figure this one out. There was probably some sick individuals involved in a scheme, possibly some kind of computer hacking or something. Sounds like maybe somebody had access to your mailbox as well. People are capeable of doing some crazy things right underneath our noses and we won't even know it. Sorry this happend to you and I hope everything gets straightned out.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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Thanks, Shazzers & PinkLady:

My attorney says I should hear from him by week's end with a favorable outcome. He's convinced the authorities were "fishing" for information or they would have taken my computer, shown me whatever evidence they have, etc. Again, I think they were looking for an explanation for something they themselves couldn't explain. The more I research, the more I realize I was my own worst enemy. It's not enough to change the lock on your mailbox. I should have reported the repeatedly open mailbox, and the correspondence I'd received in other people's names to the authorities. Its also apparently against the law to throw away mail - even if its not yours - no matter how frustrated you get. Word to the wise: RETURN ALL MAIL NOT ADDRESSED TO YOU TO THE POST OFFICE!

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I hope things get straightened out for you. Did you find out how they came up with the info that the apps came through your home computer?

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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Guest, I am glad that you did get some money from what was owed to you. In this case, there was money owed,thousands, from years ago, that was not paid. When he went on SSI,there was a court order, he did go to court, and taht is where we learned that SSI cannot be garnished. Even the thousands he got from back pay on disability cannot,so maybe it differs from state to state.
I agrees Bossy but why is "disability" do you think now including "drug addicts"? Both father and mother as has truely been proven in this post?-The children should be taken away from both parents ...and the foster psrents who raise these "forgotten children" should be given the "PROPS" I>E____{"not providers who do not care but keep having more kids to get more money still keep doing????)

bossy howz did they get that info on you? they ae ruthlesss of course!!!!

Wrong thread, perhaps?...... - Uncle Wulf

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Sheila, any updates?

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unclewulf unclewulf
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