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Frustrated with verification proceedures?

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I work for a bank and just wanted to get other peoples' intake on this topic. So many customers get so upset with me when I ask them for their SS# or other personal information to verify them before I will discuss any of their account information with them. I could entirely understand if someone called you and asked you for your SS# but if you are calling your financial institution is it too much to ask for all of this information?

Hi smckaybiz

With id theft on rise, you know people have become very careful with their personal info like SSN. So, they hesitate to give out their info.I know it must be frustrating for you but you have to understand that according to law it is not a necessity for an individual to provide his SSN to the institutions with whom he is doing business.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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It's just so contradicting though. If we didn't verify personal information like someone's SSN how much easier would it be for someone else to get full access to your identity? With just some of your basic info someone could easily call the bank and have your mailing address changed to theirs or who knows what else.

I know that we offer people the opportunity to enter their personal information through an automated system but most people seem to hate those as well. I guess we just can't win here. Oh well, I guess I can't blame people for being cautious.

Thanks for your input. :D

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Scott McKay Scott McKay

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hey smckaybiz......i know it must be really difficult for you to handle such must be really tough for you.....personal info is such a precious stuff...n u have to deal with it.

take care

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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I agree with both sides here
we should be happy that people are trying to verify identity
yet we are suspicious of providing proof of identity to anyone over the phone
most of the time these days when people ask me for S.S. they ask for last 4 numbers..and I am comfortable with doing that over phone..also many credit card statements now only have last 4 numbers on card on them...all because of identity fraud...

super posts to both of you very caring people!!!!

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socksfullofrocks socksfullofrocks

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