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why cant ca remove an entirely different persons name from my EXs file?

Submitted by on Thu, 09/18/2008 - 16:41
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my ex husband is buying me out of our house but there is 1 thing holding things up. another man with the same name but born 5 years after my ex and and it even shows this guys ss# is on my ex's credit report. my ex has good credit we have a perfect payment record on our homes, the report says my ex has another mortgage of 137,000.00 it says he got the loan in June 08 made a payment for july and hasnt made one since. the loan officer working on the loan has been trying to get this removed for weeks now but they just keep saying they are working on it. isnt it pretty easy to look at the birtdates, ss# and compare the ss to both mortgages and clearly see my ex's ss matches the mortgage on this house and not the other one for 137,000?? what is so hard about that? I dont understand..why cant they remove an entirely different person from my ex's file?? they have 3 different birthdays on it, my ex's, the guy with the same name, and someone else's who has no name..what the?????? I have tried millions of times to reach the bureau but just get recordings. because of their failure to do their job and look at the numbers, compare them to each other and to the mortages my ex and I are literally paralyzed we cannot do what the court has ordered. He was refinancing buying me out and it all has to be done and over with by nov 1 2008 at this rate we wont meet that deadline the underwriter will not approve a home loan for my ex with another mortgage on his report. he has a credit score of 740 and he will be turned down for this loan if the bureaus wont remove this false info this is hurting us in every way. we dot have 30 days plus 15 more to wait for them to make up their minds to do their job we have to move on this I have to find a place to live but I cant until the money comes in I thought that would be this month and I would have time to get a place and get ready to move. it would have turned out that way the loan is approved everything is in place to pay off the old mortgage the bank is just waiting for the damned bureaus to remove this crap they just keep resp0onding with "we are working on it" how long does it take to pull up a file compare everything and remove the false info and put it on the other guy's where it belongs?!! I know I can write them Ive dealt with them before but lik I said we dont have time for the 30 day plus game and we shouldnt have to wait that long it is THEIR mistake not ours. Furious is putting it very lightly. I want to tell them to get it off and NOW or we WILL sue when they have to say no to the loan he only has a limited amount of time to get this loan and the clock is ticking! whats wrong with those people? do they get some sort of sick pleasure out of destroying people's lives? my question is what do I do now? I have email them in the past teklling them to remove things from our file that honestly werent ours or was wrongly reported but of course they never answered never removed a thing totally ignored me. his time it cant happen. I cant get a chance to talk to anyone to tell them we will sue, they wont answer their phones, the mail is so slow plus its untelling what idiotn will open any letter I send and as usual that will get ignored and in the meantime my ex and myself are suffering big time not to mention not abiding by the decree of the court. HELP!! what do I do? can we sue as soon as they tell him no if this is not removed? how do we get this of fast? any help you can give would be greatly appreicated these people make me INSANE! please get back to me Im at a loss, if Im not doing something I should do I have to know, Ill do whatever it takes so will he. please help me if you possibly can.
thanks so much!

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