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Hi there,
July was a bad month for me and my boyfriend. We didnt pay any bills and were hit with 1225 in overdraft fees from my bank. We are now past due with all our bills. Im overwhelmed and dont know where to start. My rent check for august was returned and i have to provide a certified check to the landlord today plus a 50 dollar fee. I have that money bc we got paid today. But I need to know what bills to pay first and what to do. I am very afriad because i have been trying to rebuild my credit and I dont want this month of bad jdgement/bad luck to screw me !
Please help

first of all, relax.. i had a similar month to yours in July (and i live in NJ, too).
You should maybe talk to your bank and try to make arrangments - that's alot in over-draft fees (the bank board can help you). Also, my main priority is always rent. I have dealt with homelessness in the past so it might be a personal fear of mine. I would pay rent first asap. than protect things you need - car payment, car insurance. i would let bills like cable slide (but sometimes they end up charging you a deposit, which isn't good neither.) Right now I wouldn't worry too much about credit, i'd worry more about getting out of this urgent debt. This board has great ideas on making extra money, your income would need to be increased for you to pull this off.
i know it;s hard but it's best to take this one bill at a time, as calm as possible.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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Housing, food, utilities come first, what's left over goes for credit debts. That is where I would start. :)

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Yes talk to your bank and see if they can (or will) help you. That is a big chunk of change to lose like that!

Think drastic ... Look at all of your bills with your boyfriend and SERIOUSLY decide what you need versus what you want. You can make a decent impact immediately by getting rid of ALL non-necessities (internet, TV, even cellular if possible). Like Bea said though, check on your contracts and see what penalties you might incur and weigh your options.

Other things: Don't eat out. Sell your stuff on ebay. You don't need that morning soda on your way to work. Carpool or walk. Make MAJOR spending changes and it will help you. I call it slashing and trashing your finances ... it works! It might not be glamorous and you might be embarrased when friends come over and see you living less grandly, but who cares what THEY think? THEY don't pay your bills!

Good luck!

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smo65d11 smo65d11

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i agree, once you start cutting back, it's much easier than you would think. in fact, i find it rather fun to see how much i save but i'm a weirdo. :)
i saw your post on the banking board, i hope you talked to the manager, they don't have to help you but sometimes will. it seems everyone is having problems these days with money and cutting back will help. i have found that no matter what i do, i always end up short. i basically need more money for living, i have came to the point where i cut back everything and still come up short, which is bad, lol. if that's the case for you, too, i'd suggest maybe finding a second job. i know they're not the most fun but mine really does help (i just wish i could cut back on the hours!!)

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bea2ls bea2ls
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beal2s is right, try to talk with the manager or an officer at the bank. Some banks also have a Loss Mitigation person, also.

My son ran up alot of NSF fees and wewent up there in person and spoke with them, and explainesd the situation. They let him pay it off in payments, and this was after they had sent it to an attorney. So talk with them and see if you can that part straightened out.

Good Luck to you..karen :D

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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