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I am already working 2 jobs, but really need to get some extra money in!!! Anyone ever sell Avon? Is it worth it? Any out of pocket fees? Can you provide some details on how it works? And how much money can you make?


I would suggest going to the website and clicking on the link that says be a rep. I know there are some out of pocket fees, ie, having to order the catalogs to distribute, etc., but this can all be written off at tax time as a work-related expense, so keep all receipts. Good luck!

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kscornell kscornell
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I've sold Avon for at least 20 years, to start, there is no initial fee, but you do have to purchase your own catalogs, they're $5.95 for 10. If you don't buy them, they will send you at least one free which you could pass around until you build up a client base. :)

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Shazzers Shazzers
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You might want to also looking into The Traveling Vineyard, they are also in the home party business, where you conduct in-home wine tastings. I've been doing this successfully for almost 4 years myself. People are excited to attend, its lots of fun and doesn't feel like work.

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my aunt used to sell avon and did quite well but she had a huge client base, i have a co-worker who sells but i really dont know if she makes a lot. i was kinda interested in it myself.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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i know a lady that sells avon, i used to work with her... She did wonderful, she made lots of money just by people coming up to HER and asking her to see her catalog. It is a wonderful thing if you can build up a quick client base.. otherwise it could take a while...but now a days you need to have some patience in the field of making money, nothing comes easy at all... so hang in there... im working on finding some good extra income opportunities and i will for sure keep you updated on my success and my failures. have a good one!

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abbytroyer52107 abbytroyer52107

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A lot of people that sell Avon or Mary Kay do make decent money, however you have to be good at it. I tried selling Cutco and Mary Kay and have determined that I'm the worst sales person imaginable. I just can't push or try to convince people that they should buy stuff they don't want. Some of my friends bought stuff because they felt sorry for me, but honestly, sales is definitely not my calling. I've heard that Mary Kay is easier to sell than Avon and the benefits for the actual sales people are better, so if you haven't already started doing that, you might want to look into Mary Kay. The only BAD thing is that there is a start-up cost for Mary Kay, and probably for Avon too, since you have to have an inventory to start out with. I think they recommend spending $300 to build up your inventory, but the LEAST amount out of pocket that you have to spend initially is around $100 I think.

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regbyandjulie regbyandjulie

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There is also Pampered Chef, which I have started doing. There is a fee for your kit....$155, but you do get approx $500 worth of products and your initial paperwork. I know until June they are offering a mini kit for $65. All the products in your kit you get to keep and use. It also allows you a chance to earn what they call PC dollars, which you can use to purchase additional products and supplies for your kit. You do not have to buy a new kit every month or so, you can just get what you want (which you can purchase at a discounted rate) and it is yours to keep. You also have the opportunity to earn trips (my director is in Paris right now!!!) and other things. This is just an option because before I did this, I was looking at Avon, but there are so many Avon reps around here. The thing for me, is PC was something I was already using and liked. I will PM you my website so you can check it out and if you have any questions you can let me know.

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2nband 2nband
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I sell avon and I love it! if you need any help just e-mail me

No solicitation permitted per the TOS. Shazzers

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i know there is a way to set up an avon shop (like avon will host the webpage) online i might look into that, i hate to solicitate people but a shop online might work out.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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im not sure about avon, but i considered the adult novelty stuff and frankly i know i could have made a killin i just dont have the money for the initial investment. we dont have any adult stores around here and i know tons of fun girls!

but the start up cost is high. but if you had the start up money you make 50% profit. Now around here avon ladies and mary kay are a dime a dozen so i know that wouldnt work out in my area

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love_my_things love_my_things

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