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I thought I'd brag about my trip to Aldis last night. I had $57 budgeted for food for the next 2 weeks, and I got out of there is 18 minutes, spent $54.62, leaving $2.38 to deposit in my checking account to pay down more credit cards!

3 lb apples
6 cans tuna
large bottle dish detergent
3 5 pound bags of chicken leg quarters
1 head cauliflower, 1 head cabbage
6 graapefruits
4 bags frozen vegetables
12 cans spinach
12 cans green beans
3 loaves 12 grain bread (not the cheapie wheat bread!)
2 jars natural peanut butter
1 bottle honey

I already had 2 gallons of milk and the chickens are laying eggs, I still had some oranges, cereal and plenty of staples on hand so we are set for at least the next 2 weeks for food - breakfast, lunch and dinner! So if you haven't gone to Aldi's yet, GO!

I heart Aldi's. My fiance and I go there once a month and for about $100 we get a cart overflowing with food. :)

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jeoestreich jeoestreich

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i miss aldis, i havent seen one in 6 years or more

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bastoops bastoops

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it was the best thing about moving to the Midwest, we didn't have them where I came from!

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smo65d11 smo65d11

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this thread is soo old but i jumped on the aldis bandwagon, they are amazing! i cannot believe i did not go there sooner.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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This is a bit of an older thread, but I think it's deserving of a bump. :cool:

We have an Aldi store less than a mile away from our home. It is absolutely the best thing that's happened to our family of five in a long time. I spend less than $100 per yeek in there, and that keeps everybody fedd, and the freezers and cupboards full. If you have an Aldi store within fifty miles or so of where you live, it just might pay you to make a run over there every now and again.

Aldi store locator

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unclewulf unclewulf
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aldi!!! My boyfriend and I try to keep a paleo diet. It get's expensive getting fresh meat and veggies. But at Aldi the chicken breasts, Fit and Active Ground Beef and other fresh meat make it super affordable. I try to spend less than $60 a week there and about $20-$30 at either Giant or Shoppers for the stuff I can't get there. It's been a lifesaver. My bill used to be over $100 for just one store. Now it's less with 2!

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Yeah, same for me. We have a Aldi store about 2 miles away and we are a regular there. Great place to save!!!!!

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I have to chime in on this old thread. Aldi's is amazing. Same food, better pricing. My wife was at first nervous, until we got out First receipt and two carts full for what we would spend on 1/2 cart from the normal store.

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rvl_73 rvl_73
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anyone here remember Grand Union. when i came to the states there was Pantry Pride, Grand Union, Winn Dixie and Publix all within 5 miles. Now there is only Publix, Walmart and Winn Dixie also can't forget about the new Target stores which have food now. When i was 16 i use to work in a retail store which had everything plus.

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triniskier triniskier

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