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Before I start, I just want to add that this is not a spam or a get-rich quick scheme to make million within 5 mins kind of thing.

With experience, I will tell you how I made $500 just last week.

I took a 5 days leave and with a little planning by last friday, I got my $500 and a little more.

All it took was a little planning and the saying "If you fail to plan, you plain to fail." is very true

I did a little research and found that companies pay $100-$$150 on flyers distribution.

Since I had no overheads to pay, I called up a few Small business and offered to do it for just $30. I targeted Food catering,Pets store, Hair Salons, provision stores and restaurants.

Although the result was not exactly how I expected but I got about 8 customers- mostly food catering and small provision stores. It took me over 7 hours worth of work and on the first day I made $240.

I tried to repeat the process on the second day but only had 3 customers and figured I did not want to waste my time doing it.

So I called up small business firms and SMEs and offered another service. I told them that I will advertise their products, websites etc.. on classified ads, add their company profile on Forum Signatures and even mention about them on popular social networking sites all for a fee of $20.

I told them that if they do not have costs to advertise, this will be duly effective. At the end of the day, I will show them what I did and which sites I went to advertise and they were pretty happy about it. (I just love the internet)

There were a lot of rejections at first but eventually a few small business firms did consider it. I had 6 clients. It took me the whole day and I worked till the night. On the 2nd day, I made $120. In total, $360 within 2 days (You can PM me to know what websites to use)

In my area, Car washing is expensive as it could amount to $50 to $65

Thus, on the 3rd day, I went to houses offering to wash their cars for only $10 and the response was great, of course your hands will ache but hey I think I had made about $65 for that day (I gave discounts to old folks)

Total after 3 days: $425

The next day, I went through some ads in the newspaper and found lots of house cleaning firms charging from $300 to $1000

Now this takes dilligence and the ability to handle rejections. I went door to door within my residential area as I was armed with brooms and mops and cleaning utensils.

I charged $40 for 4 hours of cleaning and I managed to get 2 houses (my neighbours)

Total after 4th day: $505

On the Fifth day, I was not in the mood to think what else I could use to make money so I repeated the flyers distribution
I had 5 customers

Total after the 5th day: $655

I know that these are hard works but if you are truly desperate need of money by end week, well it pays the bill.

Its just my 2 cents worth of sharing...

thanks, i like your ideas of advertising small buisnesses.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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Hey bea2ls,

Yes, it work.

There are rejections at first but if you target to get even 6 customers per week, you will make a small profit.

(1) Do your research
(2) Plan your actions
(3) Execute your plan

But it only works for small business though..

Good luck and let me know yea?

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success4resource success4resource

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Great job and good ideas.

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jkmail2000 jkmail2000

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My sister-in-law did something similar for a while -- some company was paying her to drive around and put signs in peoples front yards (I'm assuming they gave permission ??). She would have to take pictures and submit them as evidence she placed the sign, then they would pay her like $5/sign. She would take a day or two per week and just do this, and I think she said she made like $5-600 per week.

The only problem was they had her going into some pretty bad neighborhoods (by herself), so my brother made her stop doing it.

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DebtCruncher DebtCruncher
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Great ideas, the only problem is in some cities you cannot distribute flyers unless you put them in people's hands; which I know from experience that does not happen often. Where I live in CA the police can actually get the flyers you have placed and fine the company for EACH flyer...sad but it happens. So just be careful if you take that route.

I tried the car/house cleaning and got 0 responses from more than 75 houses...I gave up.

I'm not savvy enough to talk small businesses into letting me advertise for them, I don't think.

Again, thanks for the testimony :) I'm sure some folks will get some $ from these great ideas.

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Hey gamer,

Sorry to hear that.

Maybe, I could list down a few Home based business that would hopefully be of interest to you

Virtual assistant-There are a few SMEs that need to hire a support person on an as-needed basis or per hour basis

Photographer- There are various companies looking for photographers. If photography is your passion, well go for it

Cleaning Service- You can target House cleaning, Office cleaning and even Restaurants are in great need of daily thorough cleaning and can be a great source of steady clients.

Good Luck

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success4resource success4resource

(Posts: 74 | Credits: ) Madoff running this from behind bars??......sniff...ewww...stinks from the get go....

I'd stay away...most people on this board can't afford high risk investments....

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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Please do not copy and paste information from other websites, there are copywright laws regarding this practice. If you want to contribute helpful information, use your own words or provide a deactivated link where the source of information was obtained. Shazzers

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Did you have a question,ARUN? I noticed you posted the response from Shazzers in your reply several times and was wondering if you had a question..

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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i wish i could get some of these ideas to work for me, but i doubt i would get any buisness.. money has been so tight lately, i need rent in like two days but i have to face that or getting my lights turned off (which, per my lease is also a reason for eviciton). my phone is already shut off, my cable goes off tommorow.. lol sorry for complaining.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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