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Hello.. what is the best credit card out there in your opinions? I think this is the right forum, sorry if wrong. I dont see any forum for regular credit topic. I am not in debt and my fico score is 720. I want a good rewards card my current card has no rewards..


Beverly (BEV)gl

Welcome to the site... I will pass your suggestion on, I think a new board for regular credit topics unrelated to debt is a good idea.

With regard to the best credit card, there is no "best" one (well, there is but most of us can't afford the Centurion Card). Do you like to travel or do you prefer cash rewards? The best travel card on the market right now is probably the chase sapphire preferred. The capital one venture card is a close second if you are denied the sapphire... at your credit score I'd stay away from cap1 with the exception of the venture.. the amex blue sky is also alright for travel rewards though the chase sapphire is literally in my view the best card out there if you travel a lot (other than Amex cards which are hundreds of dollars a year whereas the sapphire is 75 and waived for the first year) Also if you have a favorite hotel chain (mine is Hyatt) you can transfer chase sapphire points to your hotel of choice at 1:1. i am currently staying away from the chase hyatt card until the roll out the new features. Chase essentially screwed up bigtime because there is no point to having the hyatt card if you have the sapphire preffered as you can just transfer points (and you earn more on the sapphire too). I believe chase is putting a ton of rewards into the new hyatt card such as automatic free nights, preferred suite upgrades, etc. But again if you have a favorite hotel the sapphire is even a better option than the hotel specific card in 90% of cases.

In terms of cash rewards, it depends on whether or not you like rotating categories or straight rewards. I use the amex blue cash preferred for ALL my daily expenses including bills and I earn almost 1500 a year in rewards. I recently added my gf as an authorized user so that should be even higher as they give you 3% rewards at department stores. The chase freedom is an excellent cash card as well if you like the rotating categories; it will give you 5% cash back on certain things throughout the year but you have to activate it. Citi has probably THE BEST balance transfer card on the market as it is free for 18 months AND they credit your account for 5% of your min payment due if you pay more than the minimum. In terms of rewards cards citi is sort of weak. If you shop amazon a lot the amazon visa is also great. I do my amazon purchases on that and get 3% back.

Register to the site... i will pass on your suggestion.

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waffles waffles
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What about the Citi 2G and Discover It? Any ideas how they are?

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Steve Barris Steve Barris

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The discover IT is a discover more but it has no fees and it has the same cashback strucutre. The 2g is the one with the buttons on it... if you click the button for points you can pay for your purchases with your rewards points. Citi thankyou points in my view are very undervalued compared to regular % cash back.

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You must do a good number of researches before deciding on the credit card that's going to work for you.

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daniel.radcliffe0110 daniel.radcliffe0110

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^What great words of wisdom

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