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How frequently should one modify a budget?

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How frequently should one modify a budget?

You should consider your financial status before modifying budget. There are several circumstances which influences your budgeting plan. Getting a raise, losing old job, financial emergencies, major purchases, poor health issues, buying a home, and even your daily habits may force you to modify the budget. But it will be a wise decision if you do not modify your monthly budget too often.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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You should modify budget every month actually. In some months, you may have extra expenses like special occasions. So you have to allocate extra funds for miscellaneous expenses.

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Whenever you notice new expenses are adding, revisit your budget to make necessary changes.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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You worry should be, how long you can stick onto a budget!

But if your expenses or income are highly unpredictable and variable, then I would suggest you to follow a zero based budget for each month!!!!

It's a very flexible budgeting system, where every month, you write down your possible expenses and add them to see your total expenses amount. If it's covering your income then well and good, else punch any extra amount to savings or force it to some good use.

Rest you can google!!

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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