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Is there any way to reduce cell phone cost?

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Every month, I feel that I’m exceeding my cell phone budget. I have to pay a bill around $200. Is there a way to reduce the bill every month?
I am planning to buy a new smartphone. So, will it be wise to comparison shop? It might be my service provider is charging more.

Some service providers offer cell phones on installments. Once I bought an iphone from a carrier and signed a 2-year contract with them. Every month, they used to deduct a certain amount towards paying off the price of the cell phone. I think this is a good way to purchase a good cell phone without hampering your present budget much.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Hello Herman,

You can cut down your cell phone bill by choosing a right plan for yourself. Moreover, try to trim your phone bills by switching to smaller carriers like Boost Mobile or US Cellular. You can also opt for prepaid services to save your dollars.

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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Internet drove smartphone boom. Hit where it hurts the most! - at your data usage.

Never go over your monthly data allotment and even if you do, keep it marginal.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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You should determine your usage pattern first. Review your previous bills, Internet usage, messages so understand the mess. If you're using too many services like mobile insurance, GPS service, roadside assistance, visual voicemail, then think carefully what to keep and what to skip.

Yes, comparison shopping is highly recommended.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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