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Please tell if I can claim social security contribution if I leave USA?

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Please tell if I can claim my social security funds if i leave USA. I was on H1 visa and have contributed towards the social security fund.
When working I have to make the contribution. So, is there any way to claim it?-

US citizens can get Social Security benefits overseas. However, non-US citizens won't be eligible for Social Security benefits once they leave outside the country for more than 6 months. Now, if you have worked in the country for several years, then you can claim Social Security payments provided USA has a 'totalization treaty' for social insurance benefits. USA has made this treaty with 26 countries. So, you need to check if the country you live in falls into that list.

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David Martin David Martin

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Hello, geoiron!

H1B visa holders who have 40 plus credits will get SS benefits once they are eligible to receive (62 years). They will get the SS benefits even if they live outside of the US if their country of residence/citizenship is the approved list.

You must call or write a letter to the United States Social Security Administration office to clarify your position.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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