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IRS Tax Credits for Energy Savings

Escalating energy prices may have you thinking of installing more efficient windows and doors. And there may be some good tax news for you on that front.

Homeowners installing more energy-efficient fixtures may qualify for up to $500 in income tax credits. Credits are great because they come off the top line, not the adjusted income.

But there are traps to know about before you begin. This credit may only be applied if you make the improvements to your existing home, not a new one.

You can learn all about the traps at www dot energytaxincentives dot org. You can also find a listing of incentives offered by many public utilities and several states.

from dolans dot com

had a pellet wood stove installed- a new steel front door-a new furance installed- and blown in insulation put in attic- are all of these items decuctions.

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we put new windows and doors and siding in our homeas well as a new roof,does it qualify foor a credit?

Sub: #2 posted on Sat, 04/04/2009 - 11:30


we keep an exchange student in our home for a full year, how and what exspenses can we deduct?

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we signed a mineral lease for three years,and recieved full payment, how do i count that on my taxes?

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I would assume that you would need to speak to an accountant about both of those questions to be sure that you are given the best advice

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