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Method #4 -> Earn Extra Money, A Free Affiliate Website

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After reading some post on this forum
You may be interested to know that out of all the ways to start earning quickly online, having a well done review site is one of the best ones. Normally, it takes A LOT of work to get a review site going. You have to find a good host, write the title, the text, find good products to review, design the graphics, test it, come up with a marketing plan, keywords, set up a follow up email list, and much much more. For most people, this is too much work and 99% of them just won't do it. They'll go back to their jobs or their normal traditional businesses and forever be doomed to not share in the incredible wealth and freedom from their own successful internet business. That is, until now as i have information for you where you can get a free no obligation website for you to earn cash,they even give you free lessons on how to get traffic to it,and really it is all free. As an initial launch promotion, they are making it available to a few people to have their own Affiliate Review Site, completely set up to generate income IMMEDIATELY. And you don't have to do anything except follow some simple instructions.

I have got one myself and it really works and unlike most programmes online this is the real deal,and the training and coaching you receive will blow you away,and the best thing of all is that it is 100% Free.

You can take a look by visiting

Good Luck!!

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This forum is not only for promotions but also a way to check the authenticity of the information/program. Before digging deep into it can you share the website that you have created with the mentioned program?

Sub: #1 posted on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 19:30

Vikas Vikas

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Well...I DID look at the website. I din't see any 'fine print', stating you have to pay anything (ie..a hidden fee..) How can someone do ALL of this for free? No MONTHLY fee, for the use of it, etc.?

Sub: #2 posted on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 19:45

sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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I too looked at this site and it does not say much. I would be skeptical because of the text. It is not professional looking at all and is incomplete.

Here is what I got when I signed up:

Congratulations, in just one more easy step, you can start earning money with your turnkey Money Making Website.

You have 2 options. You can select between the basic or Money Making Website Package.

With the basic package, you get a basic affiliate website that we host for you on our web servers, on one of our domains.
You will not be able to make any changes to the website. If you are very tight on funds and just want to get started this is an option for you.

You also have the option to choose the Money Making Website Package, which I highly encourage you to do. When you choose this package, your Money Making Website Package will be hosted with its own domain name. You also will receive your own email address at your new domain name.

These both are an absolute requirement if you want to appear professional online.

Money Making Website Package members also receive full access to the easy point and click website editing area. You can customize your website quickly and easily in minutes.

Money Making Website Package members also receive $200 in free advertising from Yahoo, Google and other online search engines. These free advertising credits can be used to immediately send people to your website who are very likely to create you profits.

Money Making Website Package members also receive a 6-step training course that shows EXACTLY how to make money with your website.

What does all this mean for you?

It means you can start earning money faster and easier when you choose the Money Making Website Package.

In summary, if you're looking to do this as a hobby without any intention of making a profit, then the Free Basic Website is fine for you.

However, if you are looking to make some serious income with your website, you really want to go with the Money Making Website Package.

Listen, theMoney Making Website Package normally retails for $2,079, but for a very limited time, we will give it to you for free when you get hosting for only $11.95 a month.

Hosting is 100% backed by a Money Back Guarantee, and you can cancel at any time. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To get started now with your Turn-Key Money Making Website Package, click on "Get Money Making Website Package", sign up for hosting, and we will build your website immediately and show you exactly how to stat making money immediately

My motto is always: If it seems too good to be true, it is. Making money is not easy especially if you run your own business. No one is not going to hand you money. This site may be legit but I would just do alot of reasearch first.

Sub: #3 posted on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 03:46

spatterson_40 spatterson_40

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Sub: #4 posted on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 03:55

spatterson_40 spatterson_40

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I don't buy into those 'make money website' schemes. All they usually are, are you selling the exact same thing you just bought, nothing else.

Sub: #5 posted on Fri, 03/21/2008 - 07:29

drjonah drjonah

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I just added a poll to it, do you recommend this method. This will help people take a step.


Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 03/21/2008 - 09:16

Vikas Vikas

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I looked at the site again. I'm not saying it;s not working for SOME people, but, I don't think it would work for me. The website DOES claim "everything is free." However....if it's 'free', then why the monthly fee for hosting? No..I wouldn't recommendthis method.

Sub: #7 posted on Fri, 03/21/2008 - 20:45

sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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Almost any web host you sign up with will give you free advertising credits. It sounds exactly like the package I got hooked into, Mark Warrens Ultimate Wealth Package. You could get the free package or pay for the "instant money making package". HA. Instant money my @%#! The only good that came out of that was connecting me with my current webhost MidPhase who gave me a lot of useful tools and information to help build my site. Let's all face it. there's no easy way to start making tons of money without putting your own time and a lot of hard work into it. :D

Sub: #8 posted on Tue, 03/25/2008 - 19:12

Scott McKay Scott McKay

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anyone do this, and how did it work for them?

Sub: #9 posted on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 12:19

smo65d11 smo65d11

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I Looked at the site. I did something similar before. The free web page was scripted with Adsense so this is how they made money, but you will have to get eyeballs looking at it, and the time and effort and knowledge to do it, in my case is not a good return on investment.
Make 50 dollars tonight. Online getting paid for trial membership participation. Free to join, at least 3 ways to generate income. Good for Newbies and fully loaded with videos and instructions.
a Better Business Bureau approved system.

Sub: #10 posted on Fri, 03/20/2009 - 21:53


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