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I am so confused. Can anyone help me out? How much can I expect to get for unemployment benefits and for my dependants under the HEALS Act? Is it the HEALS Act or HEROES Act? I am so confused. Any idea? How soon can I get the stimulus check?

HEROES Act is offering about $1200 relief payments. HEALS Act includes a provision of getting $1200 as second stimulus check.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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You can expect to get the stimulus check sooner than the CARES ACT. A lot of people received stimulus checks late. This time federal government is working on this issue so that you don't receive stimulus checks late.

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David Martin David Martin

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Hello Derbo!

The HEALS and HEROES Act are not entirely the same.

The HEALS Act is proposed by Republicans whereas the HEROES Act is proposed by the Democratic.

HEALS Act- $1 Trillion Aid.

HEROES Act- $3 Trillion Aid.

The HEALS Act will give you $500.

The HEROES Act will give you $1200.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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