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I owe $5000 on Chase credit card and $3000 on Amex credit card. I am negotiating with creditors for a settlement. Chase is ready to go down upto $3000. That's it. Amex has not yet given any positive reply. My monthly income is $5000. How much should I save every month to settle both the cards? How much time will I get to settle credit cards?

I would say that you should consult a genuine debt relief company. They will assess your financial condition first and give you a proper debt relief option. If you really need to settle your debts, they will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. And they can help you to pay off your debts with ease. For real debt help, call 800-DEBT-913.

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Craigh.terry Craigh.terry

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You can expect the settlement to be about 40% to 50% of the outstanding amount. To get out of debt fast, try to save about 30% to 40% of your paycheck if possible; the more you can do, the faster you can be debt free.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Get rid of the Chase credit card fast. Your monthly income is $5000. Chase has agreed to settle at $3000. So you should pay it off next month. But this also means that you have to cover your remaining expenses with the remaining amount i.e,, $2000. As far as Amex card is concerned, I don't know if they will agree to settle the card is you earn more than what you owe. Probably, this is why they have not given you any reply.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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I would agree with Nick, you should pay off Chase first, and you should do it asap. It might happen that Chase would change their mind and reject the settlement offer if you do not respond to their offer.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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If you want to get rid of this situation, then enroll in a reliable debt relief service.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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