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How can I protect my stimulus check in Indiana?

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Received a call from a debt collector. He asked me to pay off debt online. Otherwise, he would garnish my stimulus check. Can he do that? The debt is valid. Is there anyway to protect the check.

Well, the stimulus package doesn't provide garnishment exemption. But that doesn't mean the debt collectors can garnish your stimulus check just like that. They need to have judgment against you to garnish your wages for debt collection. However, some states like Massachusetts, Illinois, Washington have put wage garnishment on hold for some time.

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Craigh.terry Craigh.terry

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Hi Sheena!

I am sorry to say to you that your stimulus payment is not protected from the private debt collectors. If the debt is due it can be garnished from your stimulus payment.

The Government of Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington are trying to suspend the garnishment by bringing rules and regulations.
But for the time what you can do is quickly move the money from the bank account or request the authority to send the money by cash through the mail system instead of direct deposit to your bank account.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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Don't act as per the debt collector's instruction. Stimulus checks can't be garnished in your state. The state government has passed this rule. This is why the debt collector is using this strategy. Don't pay anything online now. If possible, request the government to credit this amount in a small bank account, which is often ignored by the debt collector. The debt collector can do nothing. In fact, he can't even report negative information during this pandemic. Inform the debt collector that you would like to defer your payments without any additional interest.

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David Martin David Martin

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First of all, check the validity of the debt before taking any step.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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If you re sure that the debt is yours, then talk about debt settlement. They have to send judgment before doing anything. If you are no sure about the debt validity, then ask them to validate it first.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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