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How much is sufficient after retirement?

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I guess how much is sufficient to live a stress free life after retirement? Is there any formula to calculate? I am now in my 30s. So, how will I know how much I'll need after my retire?

If you don't have any debt and if you keep good health then 70% of your pre-retirement yearly salary is enough to live a stress free life after retirement.

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The more you can save for your future, the better will be your retired life. You’re in your 30s right now, which means you have ample time to build up a strong nest egg for your gray hair days. Try to save at least 10% of your income per year for your retirement. If your paycheck doesn’t permit that, start lower. Moreover, at the end of the month put whatever extra money you have into a retirement savings account.

You can also look for a part-time job after your retirement to maintain the cash flow. Don’t forget to pay off any balance that you’re carrying now. Entering retirement with debt is a big NO! This article can also help you to some extent. There is no perfect formula to calculate retirement savings. It’ll depend on your present financial condition and how much you can contribute to your retirement account. You can consult a financial expert for further advice.

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Both the above answers are rightly said. I think you can consider safe investment as well. It will help you to get good returns over the time. But, do well research and talk to a financial advisor before making the decision.

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"Hey Jose
You'll need a retirement calculator my friend.
I hope you'll find answers to all of your queries here -
Hope that helps"

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