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What to do - Keep money in savings account or invest in mutual fund

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Is it better to invest in mutual funds than keeping the money in a savings account? But, if it is so, how to protect from the risks of investing in mutual funds

Dear, you should only invest in a mutual fund when you know you are able to continue within for a long time. To get the better return in a mutual fund, you should invest for the longer period of time. Yes, the risk is there but less than investing in share market. Obviously, the profit is more than a savings account can give, but you should be financially prepared first to consider the risk factors associated with a mutual fund.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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There is no real risk involved with a savings account. But if want to invest in high-risk securities such as a mutual fund, there may be a risk.
Mutual funds have investment risks, but you can increase your wealth because of the diversity of the assets. You may need to invest for the longer period of time if you want to gain a lump sum from mutual funds.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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It is better you take help of an experienced personnel to invest in mutual funds that are relatively safe and offer higher ROI.

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