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I need 20 thousand to pay off all my credit debt , cash advances and my car . My boyfriend of 11 years is moving without me and unless I can get this loan , well I don't know what I will do . I am on SSI making 784.30 a month and I get allomoney of 200.00 a month .A total of 984.30 a month and another 120 . for cleaning a house a month . I was divorced 2 years ago and he was awarded the house , yet it still shows as my debit . I have not lived there or payed any bills there in 3 years .My divorce paper say it his house , so I don't understand why it still shows on my credit report . Thank_ You Kim Floyd

You will not get a loan just is not going to happen.It would be better for you to file bankruptcy.

As for the house, the divorce doesnt mean much. He would have to refi it to get it out of your name.

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