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Is stimulus check applicable for the child support payments?

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Didn't get my paycheck yet. Spending each day in panic. I have 2 children. I am divorced. My ex-wife has remarried. Her present husband earns more than me. My ex-wife is a stay-at-home mom. I think she doesn't work deliberately so that I have to pay child support. If I don't get a paycheck, I can't pay child support. Is stimulus check applicable for child support also? What if I can't pay the child support?

There is bad news in this front. Sorry! If you can't pay child support, then your stimulus check may be withheld or trimmed. The money will go to the collection office and they will send the money to your ex wife. Any government relief funds like tax refunds are subject to garnishment. You won't get any help here.

It doesn't matter if your ex wife's husband earns more than you unless he has adopted your kids legally. I understand your situation. But right now, nothing can be done. Even the courts are not functioning fully. So, the chances for applying for a modification are also bleak.

How much do you pay for child support?

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David Martin David Martin

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Hello Friend!

The federal rule says your stimulus check will be seized if you are unable to pay for the child support.

If you fail to pay the child support you may face several problems like wage garnishment, suspension of driving license, etc. For the extreme point, you may have to go to jail.

So, think well before doing anything.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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I think, you should talk to a lawyer for help.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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