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How can I plan a suitable budget and how will I know whether or not it's accurate?

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I have tried to plan a suitable budget. I have written my expenses for past 2 months, I try to limit my spending every month but somehow I'm not able to save the required amount. What is the proper way to plan a suitable budget? How will I know whether or not my budget plan is accurate?

To plan a suitable budget, all you have to do is allocate your expenses in such a way that you're able to save a desired amount every month. You can very well do it on your own. However, you can take professional help if you're not able to plan a suitable budget all by yourself.

You can check out here how to plan a realistic budget and 4 ways to plan a budget: /personal-finance/budget-4-types-of-budgeting-str...

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Budgeting can be overwhelming for the first timers. However, following 50/20/30 rule help you to remain focused.

Keep 50% of your monthly income for living expenses and daily necessities (rent, utilities, groceries and transportation for work).

Set aside 20% of your monthly income to achieve financial goals (savings, investments, retirement savings, debt-reduction payments, and credit card payments).

Allot 30% of your monthly income for entertainment and luxury goods(any flexible expenditures - movie, gym membership, eating out, vacation)

The rule is simple and easy. Don't forget to share your feedback after following this rule. Good luck!

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If you can draw up a budget on your own, take an expert's help to avoid any future financial mishap.

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