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Surviving the debt and financial crush this generation....

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Depending on your age, I am in my 4 decade now. The depression age from way back then had it bad too, They lived off dried goods and stored up goods. They had back up skills too. We lost that and now we have to relearn that. I now go to second hand stores for books and movies, watch stuff online instead of going to the movies. I am now learning how to sew and cook, shocking--I never really learned how to cook real meals but now I am learning. I am also trying to re-educated my self on new job skills. Some jobs require state licenses, I don't need to go the school for that, I can learn that on my and test for it. I buy bulk my paper products too. All that is left is learning how to budget and that is a day by day thing, I will learn eventually. Good luck all :)

I agree, that many people do not know how to cope with these times. I've been broke for years so I have a bit of an edge, haha. Seriously, it makes me sad to think of people living off credit cards and payday loans... I was caught in that cycle for so long. And it's hard for me to struggle but once I build up savings, I am sure my life will be better.. what's hurting me right now the most is groceries and gas. I can't believe how expensive food is now! I am cutting back, of course, but it's still shocking.

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I think it's interesting the amount of people who are losing money and now all of a sudden they don't know what to do, or how to budget on a smalle income. It's like, someone making $200k would have no clue how to survive on 60K, but to someone like me, who only makes $40k, $60k would be wonderful b/c it's so much more than what I'm getting. I've read articles about rich people losing money and having to let their housekeepers and cooks go, and all of a sudden they are helpless, so I think it's important to learn how to do basic skills for yourself. Plus, if you know how annoying it is to scrub a toilet, or cook a big meal for your family, if you're ever in the postion to have someone else do it, I think in those cases that you appreciate it more, since you understand the work involved.

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