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Has anyone had any luck at temp agencies? I was thinking of going to a few and checking it out--that way I can tell them the hours I'm available for and work it around my full-time job... Just wondering if temp agencies are being flooded with laid off job seekers

Years ago I went to a temp agency and got a full time job. I haven't ener used one to find part time work,though. Have you tried other wasy of looking for additional income in your area? The civic centers and other arenas hire workers all the time to be ushers and exta help during concerts,etc.

My husband and I cleaned the Historical Societys' banquet room on weekends for extra income. Check around your area locally and see if there are other local venues that may help--good luck..karen :D

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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Bossy is right--probably your best bet in going this route is for seasonal events, ie fairs, etc. There are plusses and minuses in going this route--but I have seen in economic times like we are going through now, usually the first people who are let go in a company are the temps.
I have gone this way myself and was lucky enough at the time to find a job that I could do around my main job, so it can work, but you have to be very patient, imho.

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kscornell kscornell
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I temped for about a year right after I graduated college. I didn't like it because I didn't have any benefits. The good thing about it is the flexibility and I got paid every week. I would do it again if I was desperate. I was going to do it last summer then I found my current job so I didn't need to.

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jkmail2000 jkmail2000

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