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I am hoping someone can answer my questions. I am being sued by a credit card company for $2300.00. I have the option, per their lawyers to settle for $1700.00, or $100 a month for 2 yrs. If I choose the monthly payment plan, I still need to go to court so they can obtain a judgement against me. My question is, do I have to decide before court? Or will the lawyers the day of court still offer me those options? Or is it then the judges decision? Also, when the judgement against me is rendered, must I pay the total amount up front? Obviously, I do not have it, or I would've been paying them on time in the first place. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. Thank You!!!

Get the agreement in writing and show up in court!! Unless you settle PRIOR to court, they will get a judgment. With the payment plan, you need to ask the court for a conditional judgment which allows you to make payments WITHOUT they attempting to garnish you or your bank account.

Judges do not make decisions in these matters....they encourage parties to settle or set a payment plan but they cannot decide what the actual $$ amount should be.

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Thank you for your quick response. When I asked the collection agency/lawyer firm for these options in writing, via voicemail 3times....guess what??? I never heard back!! I left 4 voicemails. So, I will just show up at court, and hopefully they will agree to a monthly versus lump sum deal. I also asked for my principal amount owed, before interest and fees. They continued to give me the amount I am being sued for. I told them my card limit was $1000.00 and I didnt have the card maxed, so how can my principal balance be $2300.00??? I am confused, but will show up and hope for the best. Thanks again!!!

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