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I needs some money for living expence,Please give some advice about part time job or home based jobs without investment.Thanks in advance

window washer (you can start this with what you have at home), housekeeper (use thier supplies) mow lawns, handyman things, babysitting, if you have a personal snowplow tis the season to plow driveways if you live in a snowy area, you could start a blog on the net but it must be something that interests people

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love_my_things love_my_things

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Do you have any marketable skills such as cooking, or sewing? I have been doing minor alterations for extra cash. since clients furnish their own supplies such as zippers or thread I have no overhead except my labor. If you are skilled at this , there is high demand for people who can work fast .

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guardmaam guardmaam

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I would ask you to surf the net and get into some online jobs. There are thousands of sites offering online jobs which can be done at your convenient time. But, before you join any one of these, make sure you've checked the companys' credentials.

If you've any extra skills like painting, cooking, etc., you can take classes as well.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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If you have a car you could deliver food or pizzas. You could also work nights at a night club or at an all night drugstore or something similar. Good luck!

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You can work as a freelancer in order to earn some additional money. Some of the popular freelance jobs include graphic designer, content writer, etc. You can even work as a part-time consultant for organizing parties.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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Hi SmartPaymentPlan

We would appreciate if you register and share your knowledge and experience here with our members to help them get out of debt. You can earn $ for posting too :) Also once you register you can add your blog url in your signature. For the time being we are removing your link as per our ToS guidelines.


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Jason Jason

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Do you have internet connection at home? If yes, you can start blogging. If you still don't know what blogging is, here's help.
Create a blog by visiting any website like "" and create your own blog. Choose a subject on which you have immense knowledge and start writing good, unique and interesting posts for the blog. Make sure you choose a topic that will attract a large number of visitors. If possible, apply some SEO strategies to your blog so that search engines like Google can rate your blog higher among search engine results. Boosting your visibility will augment your online profits. This is the most cost-effective way of making money online as you will not require spending a penny for initiating the entire process.

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One of the best money making and easy money making is via the internet , yes , i know a few imers making tons of money online , but you need to be a brainy chap for it to work :)

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ceo.kohere ceo.kohere

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The Internet offers the best opportunities to earn money without making a penny's worth of investment. You're going to save a great deal of time as well. This way you won't have to sacrifice your regular job as you look forward to earning some extra bucks. Carry out researches and seek companies that offer such opportunities. Make sure you have obtained complete information on the company's work record and reputation before becoming a part of any contract.

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daniel.radcliffe0110 daniel.radcliffe0110

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