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Hi everyone. I owe the IRS $6K from last year and will owe even more this year (I sold the balance of my assets and the tax is all capital gains). I have been unemployed for 18 months in the past two years and had no way of paying the IRS. I try not to think about this bill (there are so many others). Do I need to disclose on this year's tax return that I owe for last year? How scared should I be?

I am in your shoes and please do not be scared. They have been the easiest to work with Especially you are unemployed. If you can afford a payment plan, they will set you up with an affordable monthly payment. I owe more than you, and mine was $107.00 a month. But then my husband lost his job and they put me in touch with the IRS Taxpayers Advocate's office @ 866-701-1789 and they have been a blessing. They worked it out so the balance I owed was currently not collectable. I figure I will be in a nursing home by the time I pay it off, but it relieves the stress. Let me know what you find out. Good luck

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The IRS is not a pleasant creditor.The "failure to pay"might incur penalty and interest . When you receive your first letter, you may tell them that it would be difficult for you to make the payments and request that they send you a copy of Form "433-A, 433-B, or 433-F" (financial information statements). Possibly you can work out an installment agreement and enter into small repayment plans to relieve your stress!!!!!!!

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Rebecca....the IRS is one of the easiest creditors to work with....they are very consumer friendly as the poster above showed. If you avoid them, that is another story but if you are up front and honest with them, they will work with you.

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soaplady is right, i have personally known many people work out affordable plans to pay them back..

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bea2ls bea2ls
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Try their offer in compromise. You may need to qualify for it though and if the IRS rejects your application you may take it up to the IRS Appeals Office. Just remember that it is a formal process and they would only consider your application if it is properly submitted.

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