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Just came across something new on identity and info theft. Now crooks can go on the web and buy this gizmo that can change the caller id number they call to your house. It works like this,they call your house and you caller id say Bank of Whatever(your bank), then they say there's been a problem with your account,blah,blah, we need all new infor on you. Your caller id says it's from your bank,so you may feel safe giving it to them--don't. If you are in doubt,or want to feel extra safe,hang up and call your bank or whoever and fing out if they really did call. They cAn also make it show up on your caller id that it is IRS,or whoever they want. Thought this was interesting info. Maybe you already know this,but for those who don't-heads up.Several people in our area already got scammed and gave out info because it said it was from their bank. They also have a device that comes with that thing to change a woman's voice to a mans and vice vera so you won't know who or what is calling.In this day of technology,we all need to be extra carefull about our info and who we are talking to or about. ..Karen

I have heard a little bit about this recently myself. It is a scary world these is important to remember that most, if not all, banks and financial institutions will not ask for passwords or pin numbers on the phone or in an e-mail. If you get a call asking for these items, be very leary. It is probably a scam and you could end up in serious financial trouble. Just my 2 cents!:)


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Mary Mary

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How scary! I can't believe the measures crooks will take to scam us out of money. What's next?

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finsfan13 finsfan13
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The banks also get aware when they find scammers doing fraudulent activities with their business. For the sake of goodwill, prestigious financial institutions send a mail alerting people from such happenings. They request everyone not to give out personal info without authorization. It is important for all of us to be educated and proactive at all times. Whenever you feel any doubts, call up the institution confirming about the activity. If possible, get all the information updated in person. If there is a need to do it online, check the website's encryption

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curlycarl curlycarl

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This is unbelieveable. It blows my mind the lengths these jerks will go to deceive a person and rob them blind.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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If the crooks would channel that energy and creativity to a productive use, can you imagine what could be done?

For each step in technology the scammers and spammers are one step ahead of us. How sad.

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set4sail set4sail

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Yeah,set4sail,but with forums like this,not only can we become aware,but become educated and pass what we know to others.I believe we,too,can become a force-a force for good.They will always be thinking of other wcams,but we can become educated in our rights and our protection, and hopefullu stay one step ahead of them or at least not fall in their trap!..Karen

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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This is really disgusting. A thought just bounced into my mind. When the ill-mannered collectors invade us to bash us, they say snide things like get a job and pay your bills and all that jazz. Their advice would be better served if given to the identity thieves out their who have no character, no decency or ethics, don't want to work, and just leech off of everybody else. If anybody pulled that on me, I'd track them down and beat them to a miserable pulp.

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Jedi Mistress Ari Jedi Mistress Ari

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there was a discussion about that a few months ago here. The devise was intended for law enforcement,and the manufacurer swears they will only sell it to people with a legitimate use, but then again , anything can be had for a price..I have heard of collections Agencies also using this device.

My best advice? If you don't know the number don't answer. If it's truely important they will leave a message, if not , it probably wasn't worth your time in the first place.

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Yeah Clay,you are right,but the news channel I was watching(local) even went online and purchased one to show how easy it was to get one.They demonstrated how it changes the name on caller id and changes your voice. Pretty scary stuff.Guess you can never be too carefull :) ...Karen

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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I don't care who's calling, even if they say they're my mother. Don't give ANY kind of personal information over the phone!!!

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erzeke1 erzeke1

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