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Anyone know anything about these guys?

They are collection for Aspire Visa, and it's not showing as closed...But I've been paying Midland for Aspire...

Last reported date is 6/05, opened 7/04

Speaking of Midland, here is something weird...

It says it opened 6/05..last reported 1/2004...Must have a time machine...

I haven't heard of them...but you can dispute this on your credit report. Is Midland showing on your report as well as JEFFCAPSYS? I take it that they are since you know the dates of them being opened and last reported. You can tell the credit bureau that you're already paying to midland on this account and they can't have two agencies reporting on the same account at the same time. They will have to remove Jeffcapsys.
With it saying that it opened 6/05, that makes me think that maybe its been renewed??? or else they have the numbers reversed. Who knows, I have some screwy numbers on my report too. The date of last payment and the date of the last activity are never the same. I took it that my LAST payment WAS my last activity!! LOL but I guess it means the last activity from the creditors? You almost have to speak another language to figure some of this out sometimes.

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imkimssister imkimssister

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JEFFCAPSYS is appearing in your credit report? Dispute it. Since you have been paying to Midland for your Aspire Visa account, there is no reason for another CA popping up here.

It says it opened 6/05..last reported 1/2004...Must have a time machine...

Well said Jessi :D

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stanley stanley

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But it doesn't say transferred or anything.

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You should dispute it (seems Jessi forgot to sign in, lol). One account cannot be reported by multiple creditors and collection agencies. Dispute it with bureaus. Hopefully they will remove this entry after running an investigation.

Since you are paying to Midland for this debt, you need not worry any more. Keep the records of your payment and ask them to update your credit file once it is paid in full. Keep us posted.

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stanley stanley

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Where can I get a sample dispute letter. I have to send one to credit bureau. Thanks in advance.

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Alex_Zee Alex_Zee

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You can go through the e-book ???debt consolidation Sample Letters For Free??? here and collect one that suits your need-

Or browse this list of sample letters and get one for you-

Don't forget to send your letter through certified mail with return receipt requested. Credit bureaus are supposed to respond to your letter within 30 days. Keep us posted.

P.S. Nice avatar ;)

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stanley stanley

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Yeah, I keep forgetting to sign I'm a goof.

I've been looking for contact information for Jeffcapsys, but no luck yet...If anyone runs into anything let me know..I'll let you know when I find it.

Until tomorrow though, I need to get to sleep...Rough work day today..Great day for commission, but hard day on my

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Jessi Jessi

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Well, here's something to do with another collection agency. My hubby received a call regarding an old debt that was paid to the orginal creditor over two years ago. We have the bank statement and cancelled check to prove this fact. SO, this dingy CA calls yesterday morning wanting to make payment arrangments. Hubby just gives me the phone now. LOL! I said I sent a debt validation letter to them over a month ago which included the cease and desist part not to call at home or work. I get "we never received" it. I said I had the green signature card stating your company received it and not to call. All correspondence had to be handled through the mail. Then he tries to change the fdcpa laws on me. LMAO! I said the debt has been paid, not to call, I will file a complaint with the FTC for harassment and then he hung up on me. It gave me a good chuckle and I did file an online complaint against the company with the FTC this morning. It's so nice to know the laws and your rights. :D

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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What a jerk, Mishele..I bet he'll be feeling pretty salty when he finds out you really did file a complaint.

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Jessi Jessi

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Good for you Mishele!! What a dummy. :)


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Mary Mary

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