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How can a debtor know if a judgement has been renewed?

If the debtor is not notified of a renewal within the sol, does the judgement automatically expire?

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The judgment creditor should send a notice in the specific format prescribed by the judgment court to the debtor on the renewal of judgment. It should be sent through first-class mail and the proof of the service should be submitted to the judgment court. Otherwise the judgment is not considered to be renewed, it is withheld.

The judgment debtor gets a 30 days time span to request for motion to vacate or apply for any other modification also.

Hope that helps. Wish to hear something more from other members.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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You can know the latest judgment against you from your local clerk or recorders office.

You can also pull your latest credit report from the three bureaus and confirm the judgment(if any)

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ben ben

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A judgment was placed on my Colorado condo in April 2008. Recently I had my realtor pull an O & E (encumbrance report) on the property and the judgment has fallen off. The title company explained that a judgment can only be attached to real property for 6 years and the creditor needs to reaffirm the debt. The creditor did not do this as it's been 1 year since the judgment fell off (judgment placed April 2008, 6 years later April 2014 it fell off, I checked the encumbrance report and there's no judgment listed as of Feb 2015). Any idea 4u.bryan if this means I can sell my property now? Are a judgment and a lien two seperate things and can a judgment fall off but a lien still be attached to a property?

Thank you

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