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legacy visa is a fraud and cheat you out of money when you pay them 97.00 and the only thing you do was spend 50.00 and was not one time late just waiting for the first bill to come out and when it do your paying more than what you spent on the card and then when you pay it they stop you from getting any more money you cut the card up and you receive a statement in the mail that you owe 500.00 dollars if you couldn't spend nothing on the card after you pay the 97.00 for the first bill. and you cut the card up why is you still owning 500.00 can someone tell me tracy

Hi tcost9

Welcome to the forums. There is no logical reason for activities which are based on fraud. Please use your consumer rights when you are getting harassed by them.

Please consult your attorney, file a case against them at the FTC or the State Attorney General office and urge them to take necessary action


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roxette roxette

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I authorized a payment of $63.00 to Legacy because I missed a payment. I told them also I wanted to cancel my card and I would pay off the card as soon as I could, that I would continue to make the $30 a month payments on time for now. I found out today that my bank account was overdrawn by $202. and that there are 2 payments I do not have any idea what for. I called the customer service of legacy to see if that $63 was posted and they had told me not only did they do the $63 but also the 2 unauthorized payments as well which put me into overdrawn on my account. I talked to customer service and they told me I did not authorize those 2 payments. The girl told me I could go to my bank and tell them I did not authorize the payments and they will refund me my money. I don't know if they will till I can go to the bank and see. I cannot afford to have those payments taken out since I lost my job. I can't even put my check in the bank because it won't cover it anyways and I will now have to call the checks that i have out and tell them to hold on to them for now till I can straighten this up. I don't know what else to do about this, please help. Do I file charges against them or what? They had no right to do this.

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I have been a cardholder for 2 years now and have had an excellent experience with legacy visa, I make my payments on time, call 2 check available balances, receive credit increases regularly and I even recieve 30days notification prior to my annual fee being charged to my account. I admit I hated paying the intitial 119$ processing fee and the $50 annual hurts, but when I had 3 ex-husbands' worth of credit to repair, I had to do something. Before getting my card my credit score was a sad 119, after only 6 months with timely payments, my score had jumped to a 586, by the end of the year, it was another 100 pts up!! Thank you, Legacy Visa! That's what I say!!!

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I've had no problems with legacy visa. Their Interest is a little high and the processing fees stink, but when you're trying to re-build your credit you've got to take what you can get. Make your payments on time and raise your credit score.

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My credit still stinks! The last time I pulled it i was a low 500, and honestly I've had my card for over a year and only been late 1 time, but it hasn't boosted my score that much if any! There interest rates suck, and I can't wait to pay it off and close it completely! Oh, and the customer sevice representatives are rude!

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You need to learn the English language first because there are no periods or commas in anything you just said...furthermore, you need to learn to use plural tense as well.

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rp...did you notice that these posts are from over a year ago...I'm not sure they will see you post.

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Morningstarr430 Morningstarr430

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Please for the love of &*^, learn how to speak english! This comment makes no sense and I can not understand what you are trying to say!

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it is all good if you want it to be lagecy is the greatest

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If you tired of being harassed by credit card companies there is a simple way to avoid all those harassing calls, letters from lawyers, etc...
File bankruptcy

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