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Help with PDLs in Louisiana.

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Help!! I currently have 7 pdl's out and I am unable to make the payments. I am not familiar with the laws in my state at all in reference to pdl's. I currently have the following:

PayCheckToday: amt borr. $200.00. payments made - 3 60.00 payments.

OneClickCash: amt borr. $300.00. payments made - 2 90.00 payments.

CashNetUSA: amt borr. $300.00 no payment made

CashDoctors: amt borr. $450.00. payments made - 2 112.50 payments.

PayDaySelect: amt borr. $450.00 payments made - 65.36, 31.82, 79.18, 33.43.

CashTransferCenters: amt borr. $200.00. no payment made

I am starting to get some really ugly phone calls but have avoided them mostly until I can find a solution. Can anyone tell me anything about Capital Law Group? Also, are they able to have my wages garnished? The balances they are showing I owe are ridiculous.

I will ask to have this post moved to the pay day loan forum.

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kashzan kashzan

(Posts: 5401 | Credits: ) html Information for payday loans for each state.

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Anthony Lemons Anthony Lemons

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Here are the laws for your state Louisiana (just select your state), dls-laws.html

I don't think your wages can be garnished. Have they told you that? It's probably just a scare tactic. But, do you still have your bank account open? Also, are these pdls storefront or internet?

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eleroo eleroo

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smoss - before even reading any further - do this NOW. You have a pdl with Cash Transfer Centers. They are notorious for sending out "wage assignments" to employers. Wage assignments are totally voluntary by your employer; however, most employers do not know this. They will try to slip in a wage assignment and get money taken out of your paycheck. You need to write a letter to them NOW. All you have to do is put their name/address/phone/whatever information you have on them. Then state: I (state your name) revoke any wage assignment I may have signed with your company, your partners, or any affiliates. Then type your name. That's it. It'll cover your butt if they try to send it to your employer. Fax it/email it/mail it. Just get it to them. Keep a copy, give a copy to your payroll department, and send Cash Transfer Centers the original. Please, please, do this now. I don't want them trying to pull this on you. Any questions, please post. :D

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cannr cannr

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