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Turn off the ringer on your landline, or cell phone, off.

Since not all callers are not exempt from the do-not-call list, like charities and such, I found I can have peace and quiet by turning the ringers off.

However, there might be times you want people to call you, like friends, family, and such.

Well, get a Cell Phone, (I use Tracfone) and only tell your friends and family the number, and have them promise not to give it out.

We still get calls, last night, we got a call from the Illinois Fraternal order of police, which, in reality, is a scam artist, because I looked up the number on the internet.

I just got a call awhile ago, "unavailable" and no number. And they left no message.

If they want to contact me that bad, they leave a message, or they are out of luck. They can call me a million times, and I won't know it. (Except it will show on caller ID)

The telephone, like everything else was invented for convenience and necessity. But like anything else, they can be abused.

Now if you owe a debt, pay it, or work something out. You cannot escape a debt by turning off your ringer. They will contact you in other ways. But at least you'll have peace at home, unless they or a court official comes knocking on your door.

I am appalled that people use the telephone to bother and harass people. But we cannot stop them, unless we make it impossible for them.

It is so simple. I wished I could turn off my boss, stop lights, commercials, bad service, you get the point.

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